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During the spring of 2015, LiveKind™ developed a custom version of its anti-bullying program for the New Haven Police Department. The program is called “Cops and Kids”.

LiveKind’s mission is to provide programs, nationwide, that facilitate open and safe dialogue between Law Enforcement and Community replacing fear and mistrust with understanding and empathy. LiveKind’s Cops and Kids is a program that becomes imbedded, one community at a time and serves to break down dangerous barriers of mistrust and proves to participants that cops and kids are more alike than they are different. Kids bring the messages home and the word spreads.

LiveKind™ digs deep and honestly; beyond awareness level to a tangible, problem-solving solution. LiveKind™ believes building more healthy community requires soul searching work. Video-Mirroring™, the process of sharing through video, empowers participants to recognize how their words and behaviors impact others, teaches empathy and promotes kinder interactions that build more positive social environments.

LiveKind™ addresses the need for an effective method of encouraging systemic changes in behavior; provides real, long-term solutions, and provides tools that empower law enforcement and educators to facilitate open discussions. The resulting impact made on both participants and viewers can be profound. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


LiveKind’s formation was triggered after marketing/ad agency principal Dan Zimmerman produced a pro-bono video about a Connecticut school’s internal anti-bullying program. Dan and fellow LiveKind co-founder Patricia Burrows, LCSW, a child and family psychotherapist, wanted to create a scalable anti-bullying program. They saw that creating a video forum to talk openly about bullying helped youth work through their feelings and, in turn, substantially helped viewers of the videos work through similar feelings. Dan and Patty observed that through the repeated listening to stories about bullying, children learned to develop empathy, trust and respect. That changing minds changes behavior. In response to their observations, Dan and Patty co-founded LiveKind™ Inc. a Connecticut 501c3 in 2011.

LiveKind™ has made its anti-bullying program available to schools and organizations that serve youth since early 2012.

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