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Media and Other Influences

“I think the media decides what people should hear. I feel like they decide what will cause the most conflict between groups of people.”

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Lessons for Cops and Kids - Think About these issues

From a cop: “When a kid sees me coming they usually think ‘here comes that jerk again’. Why doesn’t he leave us alone? We’re not doing anything wrong.”

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“What happened at the corner store can happen to anybody at any time.” Kids stay inside for safety because they don’t know what could be going on. They talk about shootings, fighting, and other types of violence."

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Fixing Whats Going On Here

“If Martin Luther King was watching the news today he would be just so sad because he made the marvelous ‘I Have a Dream” speech that all of us can live in peace and harmony and we are doing exactly the opposite of his dream.”

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Getting To Know Cops

Cops are just people in uniforms trying to do a job. They put their lives in danger every day. Many work in the communities they grew up in and want to make things better. A person in a uniform doesn’t change when they are in everyday clothes.

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Neighborhood's Influence

“Certain kids grow up in neighborhoods where they are growing up in fear. They grow up around violence, they grow up around gun shots, they are awakened in the middle of the night…”

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Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

It is imperative to get to know someone before forming opinions about that person. Learning to listen to what someone is saying rather than what they look like is a skill that’s necessary to undo or avoid damaging stereotypes.

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In Urban Areas

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