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It Starts At Home

Kids discuss what is and is not bullying and how important love is to make a person healthy. Kids talk about others who grow up surrounded by love and care. Are they really less likely to become bullies?

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You Are Who You Are

You can be short or really tall, skinny or fat. Everyone’s physical characteristics are different. How your body develops has nothing to do with your personality. We have to learn not to take what others say about us personally. Be proud of who you are!

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Kids Know

Bystanders need to become allies. This video uses graphics to initiate conversation about being isolated and taunted for being different. It elicits the statement: “When you’re a grown-up the kids do what you do.”

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I Inspired Others

More from the teenager who was in The Power of Video Mirroring. Detail about the positive impacts on learning more about herself and learning to love herself after admitting that she needed help. How her take on herself has impacted how she is now treated.

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I’ve Got Your Back

This video is about what friendship is and the comfort it yields. It speaks to the importance of “being there” for someone else. This video works well to emphasize the importance of allies.

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What Kind of Friend Are You?

How does it feel when your friends are bystanders and don't speak up for you or help? Three teens explore this topic. “A real friend will help and defend you … and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

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If It’s Mean Intervene

If you witness mean behavior and say or do nothing you may wind up regretting it. You can really make a difference if you step in. Popular kids especially need to stand up for what is right. Be an ally!

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Teaching Empathy

Knowing what others feel helps you. Listen to the way a person needs to be heard. Empathy is like a language. When the language is spoken at home you learn it. If it isn’t, you need to learn another way. Letting other people know what you are feeling gives you new strength.

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The Power of Video-Mirroring

A teenager who was affected by bullying, to the point of cutting herself, speaks about her LiveKind™ experience and its cathartic effect. Her explanation of the process and her journey’s detail has been very helpful to many other kids.

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The Victim Choice

Teens talk about being targeted and their approaches to overcoming the hurt; asking for help, journaling and assessing self, changing attitudes, and making the choice of not being a victim.

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Helping others is helping yourself. Think about the positives not the negatives. Don’t judge others; ask them about themselves. Behavior is contagious. Be kind and see what happens.

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Kid to Kid Advice

Kids openly share what they have learned about their own “bully” experiences. This film has a strong impact because kids learn from other kids. “Empathy makes a big difference.” “You can’t let one thing take over your whole life.” “Don’t let others have power over who you are.” “Take responsibility when it’s appropriate.”

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Being Nice

Seven to ten year olds speak about the value of being nice and how it “comes right back at you”. Exclusion is not nice and causes sadness. It hurts to feel as if you have no one to play with because then you feel all alone. Recognize what you can do to be nice and prevent sadness.

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Stand Up and Be Strong

There is an imbalance of power in school. What does it take to take a stand? Who can help? Why is it important? A motivational message from kids who've walked the path as targets, aggressors, bystanders and allies.

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Videos Like This Help

“You learn how people feel inside.” “They tell their own stories and make connections with other people.” “They weren’t afraid to say what really happened.” The real risk is holding in what you feel in until it comes out in an uncontrolled way.

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Bully Busters

Kids engage in a very detailed conversation about bystanders and allies. Befriending kids makes a difference. Student leaders need to stand up for what’s right.

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They Must Be Best Friends

Build friendship by working on friendship. When there is closeness, the result is peace of mind. Friendship makes you smile. Friendship makes you feel good about yourself.

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The Real Man

After being the target, repeatedly, over two years, a teen talks about how no one helped. Another teen points out how the real man is the one who, carefully, and with clear intent, speaks up. Three teens talk about being targeted and what it meant to have someone stick up for them.

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