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Rumors and Betrayal

Kids talk about becoming allies, taking a stand for other kids, and watching others to be sure they're ok. It can be a challenge to fit in. Adults can be powerful allies in the school. Mentions the power of having adult allies in the school.

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Being Mean

Younger children speak about meanness. Some people think being mean on purpose is fun but being mean is not cool at all!

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My Awakening

I figured out that people picking on me was really not about me. I learned this even after some pretty severe aggressive behavior and feeling that teachers didn’t really care. I can’t control other people’s behavior but I can take an active role in helping others.

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A Look At Themselves

A group of children watch their own LiveKind™ videos. Video Mirroring™ comes alive as they react, non-verbally, to themselves. A full range of emotions is transferred, very visibly, and can be used to work on bystander and group behavior.

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How Do You Really Know Someone

Watching for the right signals, the way people act, expressions on faces, give you real clues about knowing someone. Other clues include: tone of voice, facial expressions, looking sad, yelling for no reason. What makes a person beautiful is what’s inside.

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